We are far from being the only people blogging about math education on the web.  There are lots and lots of resources out there to help a parent or teacher who wants to understand what is going on.  This page is a very incomplete list of the really good ones we’ve managed to find.

Sites That Explain Math

Sites That Teach Mathematics

  • Maths Is Fun
  • Homework Help Desk
  • Jordan School District Math Help
  • Great Schools
    • This s a website that lets you know basic grade level expectations in math, but also in many other other core subjects.
  • NCTM Videos on Learning Math
    • NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) has been a huge advocate for changes in math education. They have done much of the research into how kids actually learn the math required for every day life.
  • Math with Bad Drawings
    • Despite its name, this is an excellent website by a math teacher who is obviously trying to bridge the gap between teachers and parents.  It’s higher-level than what we cover here but still worth a look.

Articles Worth Reading

Other Resources